Anonymous asked: Hi! i am using "preserve", and i wanted to move the links above the description. i wanted to make that effect that when u clicked on the links and they dropped down, the description when down as well (like the theme u are using now). but the description disappears with the link and i have to click on the +navigation to see the description. how do i fix this??

Basically you need to make another thing for the description as I have done for the links. If you want this come off anon and I can quickly code it for you because it’s quite hard to explain. 

If i’m guessing right from your description  you want the title bar, then the navigation bar (click on it you get your links) and then a description bar (click on it and you get your description?) 

Come off anon and I’m only too happy to help :)

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Preserve Theme

Preview | Pastebin

  • 1 Column
  • Circle Links
  • Tooltips
  • Cute titlebar 
  • Right & Left Backgrounds
  • Bordered Posts
  • To top button
  • 250px Posts

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Blog Update 14th April

  • Static Previews fixed for most themes
  • Cake Theme Posted
  • I’m in process of updating all the older codes


Also I have a question for everyone else, what do you want to see next theme-wise?

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CAKE THEME by Cauliflorus

Static Preview | Pastebin

  • 2 column
  • Header theme
  • 5 Custom links
  • Bordered Posts
  • Cute hover links
  • Background image
  • To top button

Please like or reblog if using and feel free to message me with any comments!

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Rosie Theme by Paintbrush Themes

Static Preview | Pastebin

  • Cute Bordered Posts
  • 4 Custom Links
  • Custom Hover Box Links
  • To Top Button
  • Right & Left Backgrounds
  • 250px Posts

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Cookie Theme

Preview | Pastebin

  • Two column
  • Small images
  • Faded images
  • Sidebar image
  • Cute title font
  • 4 Custom links
  • Right & Left background images
  • To top button

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James Dean Theme by Cauliflorus 

Preview | Pastebin

  • 2 Columns
  • Link bar with 4 custom links
  • Sidebar image
  • Right & Left background images
  • Cute personal feel
  • Looks good with vintage or pale blogs
  • Permalink on hover
  • To Top Button

I am making a new range of themes just for my Cauliflorus blog as they fit a different blog type and are different to those on paintbrushthemes

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Hunter Theme

Preview | Pastebin

  • Plain simple theme
  • One column
  • Sidebar Image
  • Right and Left backgrounds
  • 4 Custom links
  • To top button
  • Permalink on hover
  • Looks good with vintage posts
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Closet Theme

Static Preview | Pastebin

  • 400px posts
  • Hover links & description
  • Sidebar image
  • Right & Left backgrounds
  • Hover permalinks
  • To top button
  • Infinite scroll

Please like or reblog if using and comments really help me make better themes, thank you!

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citisens asked: hey im just wondering where do you find all the art pictures that you use in your themes, they're really pretty. and i find it hard to find good ones. thanks :)

I have listed a number of art blogs here :) 

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You can edit please feel free but do not ever remove the credz


Please don't bother me with questions you can google yourself, if your theme is broken however I'm happy to help :)


My themes can't deal with photosets so if you post a lot of them you're blog will overlap and not look very nice