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  • Two title blog title
  • Navigation drop down
  • Right & Left background images
  • Larger posts
  • Circle links
  • Lots of customization!


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POLLEN THEME By Cauliflorus

Preview | Pastebin (sorry about the bad quality photo)

  • One Column
  • Big Borders
  • Large cute first letter formatting
  • Right & Left background
  • Different permas
  • To top button

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Weather Theme by Cauliflorus

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  • One column
  • Right & Left Backgrounds
  • Tooltips
  • Cute sidebar links
  • BRAND NEW PERMALINKS (i finally did it)
  • Lots of colour customistation
  • To top button

Please like/reblog if you like this theme and feedback is really appreciated, xox

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Stitch Theme

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  • One column
  • 350px posts
  • Coloured titlebar
  • Lots of fun customisation
  • To top button
  • right and left backgrounds
  • 4 Custom Cross Links

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Anonymous asked: Have you been able to format the everdeen theme yet?! D:

i’m really sorry i’ve got like 18 exams starting next week and i’ve been really really busy!!!! i might be able to do it tonight I’m sorry

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Anonymous asked: Is there any way you could format the everdeen theme and make it so it can format picture sets nicely? I mean it obviously can still have them posted, but it doesn't fit them properly when it comes to alignment. It's my favorite theme I would do anything for it to be able to make it all look pretty :) thank you!

I can try over the weekend to do it for you since I’m so so busy!!

If you know how it can be fixed by making the posts 250px :)

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Berlin Theme by Cauliflorus

Preview / Pastebin 

  • 1 Column
  • 4 custom links
  • right and left backgrounds
  • Custom quote
  • Cute link hover circle things
  • To top button

Please like/reblog if you’re thinking of using or are using and just generally to give me an indication! Thank you x

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Anonymous asked: Hi I'm having a problem getting the Everdeen theme to work .. I entered the HTML code, and it seemed to work fine with the layout and everything .. But the beautiful side flower picture that is supposed to pop up isn't there? How can I activate it?

Do you mean the sidebar image, the one that’s on the preview. You will need to put on your own sidebar image as the image doesn’t come with the theme sorry! If you want the image come off anon and I’ll submit it to you xx

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Anonymous asked: Hi! i am using "preserve", and i wanted to move the links above the description. i wanted to make that effect that when u clicked on the links and they dropped down, the description when down as well (like the theme u are using now). but the description disappears with the link and i have to click on the +navigation to see the description. how do i fix this??

Basically you need to make another thing for the description as I have done for the links. If you want this come off anon and I can quickly code it for you because it’s quite hard to explain. 

If i’m guessing right from your description  you want the title bar, then the navigation bar (click on it you get your links) and then a description bar (click on it and you get your description?) 

Come off anon and I’m only too happy to help :)

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Preserve Theme

Preview | Pastebin

  • 1 Column
  • Circle Links
  • Tooltips
  • Cute titlebar 
  • Right & Left Backgrounds
  • Bordered Posts
  • To top button
  • 250px Posts

Please like or reblog if using and any feedback is welcome! 

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